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How to: Fixing my stuttering headphones!

Anyone who has seen me walking around NYC knows that I’m rarely on the streets without a set of cans over my ears (my shadow pretty much looks like a beefy EP4 Princess Leia following my ass around town).  Gotta say that regardless of how you may think they look or feel, there really is no ...

JR at the NYC Highline

Was at the highline today (towards 30th St entrance), and was surprised to see JR, a French street artist (and 2011 TED prize winner) working on his latest project. For those who believe in art as a medium for change, check out his awesome story in the following link. It’s a bit long (24 min), ...



Just read an awesome article by Allen Murabayashi that details his love of photography.  A great introspective look into what drives a person to do what they love to do.



Well, here is my official ‘first post’ on wordpress. Nothing here that’ll bend your minds, but just wanted a place to jot down some thoughts, and to collect my ‘solutions’ to the ever-long list of ‘?’s’ that life throws my way.