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panoramic view of medellin from comuna 13 san javier colombia

Foto Fridays: A Panoramic Shot from Comuna 13, San Javier (Medellin)

One of the most awe-inspiring views of Medellin that I was fortunate enough to experience during my trip. I’m eternally grateful for these types of moments that travel continues to surprise me with.

Restaurant Review: Chef Burger in Medellin (Colombia)

Here’s my quick recommendation for anyone looking to munch on a juicy, tasty burger while traveling in Medellin. Especially during long-term travels, you may find yourself wanting a quick taste of home. Chef Burger is definitely as a good a place as any that I’ve been to in Colombia to sate that specific craving. Though ...

Foto Fridays: Escaleras Eléctricas en la Comuna 13 (Medellin)

Located in what was once one of Medellin’s most dangerous neighborhoods, you’ll find this symbol of the city’s dedication to urban development. To read an interesting article that goes into the impact the escalators have had on the citizens of Comuna 13, click on the following link: [Escaleras Eléctricas]

healthy food at naturalia

My Favorite Healthy Dining Option in Medellin (Colombia)

In Medellin, it can be a bit difficult to find healthier dining alternatives as you’re generally surrounded by arepas, empanadas, and other deep-fried goodies. So it came as a refreshing surprise when the roommates and I found our way to Naturalia Cafe/Restaurant. Located in the heart of Laureles, a few steps from Calle 70 (Circular ...

What Type of Salsa Should I Learn Before Going Out Dancing in Medellin, Colombia?

“Wait a second, if I learned how to dance salsa at my local club, shouldn’t I be able to dance with everyone, anywhere they play my favorite salsa music?” The quick answer is NO. For those that are unaware, there are multiple ways that salsa is danced around the world. Though salseros may enjoy dancing ...

5 Reasons Why Barrio Santo Domingo Savio is an Awesome Place to Take Photos in Medellin (Colombia)

Even though it’s been years since Medellin renounced its title as ‘Most Violent City in the World’,  my friends in the U.S. still seem surprised to hear that I would want to go there again for a vacation. What I love about photography is that photos allow me to relay the beauty of a place in a ...

Plaza Bolivar: The Historic and Political Heart of Bogotá

I was recently asked to recommend some places to visit by a friend who was planning a trip to Bogotá (Colombia), and I could think of no better place to start than in the Plaza Bolivar (aka Bolivar Square). Located in the heart of the historic Candelaria district, the plaza was named after Simón Bolívar, the Venezuelan military ...