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female tango singer performing in san telmo street market from http://mapes24.com

Foto Fridays: San Telmo Street Market (Argentina)

Taking place every Sunday on calle Defensa in San Telmo (Buenos Aires), you will find an open-air market where you can find handcrafted wares, antiques, and on occasion, a beautiful tanguera perfoming live.      

What are the Top Travel Blogs that You’d Recommend for Someone Planning a Sabbatical to South America?

After living in NYC for the past 11 yrs, I’ve finally decided to head back home to the sunny skies of Los Angeles…but before I go, I’m planning to head out on a 5-6 month sabbatical to South America and this is where I could use some help from the blogging community. I’ve actually been saving ...

Photoshoot with Argentinian Bachata Champions Marcelo and Julieta

I recently had the opportunity to do a photoshoot with the Argentinian bachata champions Marcelo Alcaraz and Julieta Ibañez.  One of the aspects I love about shooting elite level dancers is that they have such an acute awareness of their bodies, and generally have years of experience emoting feelings through facial expressions and subtle gestures.  Qualities ...