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Foto Fridays: Escaleras Eléctricas en la Comuna 13 (Medellin)

Located in what was once one of Medellin’s most dangerous neighborhoods, you’ll find this symbol of the city’s dedication to urban development. To read an interesting article that goes into the impact the escalators have had on the citizens of Comuna 13, click on the following link: [Escaleras Eléctricas]

Foto Fridays: Recoleta Cemetery (Buenos Aires)

One of the many ornate tombstones found in Buenos Aires’ most famous cemetery.  It immediately becomes obvious why Recoleta is internationally regarded as having one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world.  Definitely a must-see for any traveler in Buenos Aires. 

beachgoers relaxing at playa mansa from

Foto Fridays: Punta del Este (Uruguay)

The beautiful sands of Playa Mansa at Punta del Este, Uruguay.

female tango singer performing in san telmo street market from

Foto Fridays: San Telmo Street Market (Argentina)

Taking place every Sunday on calle Defensa in San Telmo (Buenos Aires), you will find an open-air market where you can find handcrafted wares, antiques, and on occasion, a beautiful tanguera perfoming live.      

Soooo…Does 4K Video Live Up to the Hype? A Quick Look at Some Salsa and Bachata Performances Shot in 4K with the Panasonic G7

In preparation for my sabbatical to South America, I’ve been thinking a lot about what type of creative projects I’d like to work on during the 6 months that I’ll be down there, and decided that one of my primary focuses would be adding original video content on my Youtube Channel. Anyone who’s had their ears on the floor regarding ...

What are the Top Travel Blogs that You’d Recommend for Someone Planning a Sabbatical to South America?

After living in NYC for the past 11 yrs, I’ve finally decided to head back home to the sunny skies of Los Angeles…but before I go, I’m planning to head out on a 5-6 month sabbatical to South America and this is where I could use some help from the blogging community. I’ve actually been saving ...

wide lens distortion corrected in shot for architectural photography

Using Transform in Photoshop to Correct Wide Angle Distortion in Your Architectural Photography

For those of my readers who are getting into architectural photography, here’s a great video from AdobeCommunityHelp that demonstrates how to correct wide angle distortion in Photoshop. If you’re unable to see the embeded video, click on the following link: Let me start off by saying, that I’m actually a big fan of ultra wide angle ...

Formula F at Utopia bachata

Photos and Performance Videos from La Fuerza & D’Cor’s Utopia Latin Dance Social (NYC)

After our last anniversary event, I quickly came to the realization that I had taken on about two jobs too many as I was running around like a headless chicken for most of the night (I had to perform in two numbers, and was in charge of all the media for the event). Live and learn, right? ...

Photos and Performance Videos from La Fuerza Dance Co’s 1st Year Anniversary Party

Although this post is a bit late, I still wanted to have an entry regarding this event, as this blog serves as a record of the significant moments that have colored my New York experience. A huge shout out goes to Fausto Felix, who continues to make his artistic mark in the scene, and to ...

Photos of the Hottest Cars from the 2015 New York International Auto Show

Having grown up during the emergence of the ‘rice rocket era’ in Southern California, I’m sure it’s not hard to imagine why so many imports have found their way onto my list of hottest rides.  Though there were a lot of beautiful cars presented during this year’s NY International Auto Show, here are photos of the rides ...