My favorite Argentinian Quick Bite (Buenos Aires)

In L.A., it’s a carne asada burrito with guacamole and sour cream from Alberto’s.  In NY, it’s a cheese slice from pretty much any of the hundreds of pizzeria’s located throughout the City.

When time is short, but I’ve got them damn hunger pangs, I find that there is usually one go-to food that stands out from the rest, and will hold me over like no other can for the short term.

Though carne and pollo empanadas in Buenos Aires come in at a really close second, the one food item in Buenos Aires that gives me that quick shot of satisfaction is…

The Choripan

a choripan sandwich from el rey del chori in san telmo buenos airesSimple, cheap, and delicious, this staple of the Argentinian diet consistently hits the spot no matter the time of day. The chorizo (a pork sausage) is generally sliced in half, served on a piece of bread, and topped with freshly made chimichurri sauce. I’ve sampled many a great Choripan throughout Buenos Aires, but the one location that I find myself consistently going back to is the ‘Rey del Chori’, which opens its doors each Sunday during the Feria de San Telmo.

choripan-bbq-argentinaYou will notice that there is a small mark-up in price (50 pesos vs the 30 pesos you usually pay at other spots), but I think the quality of flavor and the fact that it comes straight from the grill onto your plate easily outweighs the little extra that you pay (seriously, it only comes out to about to about $1.40US in difference).

Another cool aspect of the Rey del Chori is that they usually have live musicians to keep you entertained should you choose to sit and relax while enjoying that handful of goodness.

rock band playing at rey del chori in san telmo buenos aires argentina mapes24As most tourists generally have the Feria de San Telmo on their hitlist while visiting Buenos Aires, when you inevitably find yourself walking along Calle Defensa on a nice Sunday afternoon, I highly recommend that you swing on by the northern part of the fair and treat yourself to some of that porktastic goodness!

If you know of any spots that you feel sits firmly on the Throne of the Choripan, please let me know in the comments below!

*Rey del Chori is located on the Southwest Corner of Defensa and Mexico.

  1. Have you ever been to Don Niceto in Palermo Hollywood? I’m drooling thinking about it

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    1. Thanks for the recommendation! Haven’t tried them yet, but am always looking to put new spots on my hit list.

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