How to Remove Audio Hiss from your Videos with Sony Vegas

If you check out my Youtube Channel [Mapes24], you’ll see that a majority of my uploads are of Salsa or Bachata Performances. One of the problems that I find particularly with my salsa uploads is that since the musical style relies heavily on multiple percussion instruments, you’ll occasionally get audio ‘distortion’ or ‘hissing’ that coincides with the percussive hits.

This distortion can also occur if you’re standing too close to speakers, or if the microphone on your camera cannot appropriately record the audio.

I’ve been generally very happy with the Sony Rx100’s audio recording capabilities, but I found that I’d still occasionally have distortion in the audio. My old solution generally took care of problem, but required multiple steps and increased the length of my workflow, as I had to render just the audio of the video into into mp3 format, then sample, and clean up the audio using Audacity.

Though the freeware gave me consistent results, it was annoying to have to go through all those steps, then re-insert the clean audio into my original video. Luckily I happened upon this amazing video on Youtube that has been an absolute godsend, as it has significantly decreased my workflow!

From my tests, even if you don’t follow his entire process, the use of the Resonant Filter in Sony Vegas should make a marked improvement to the audio quality of your videos.  Below, you’ll find a sample video that demonstrates the difference between having the Resonant Filter off or on.  You should definitely notice how the ‘hissing’ has disappeared after the filter was applied.

Much thanks to [BlastedAsh] for the tutorial, and hope this helps out to other content creators out there.

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