Performance Videos from the 2016 LA Summer Bachata Festival (Los Angeles)

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture all the performances from the night I attended as a lot of the videos were unusable due to people who were constantly standing up and moving around in front of me while I was filming. Luckily, I still managed to capture a good majority of the performances, as well as the live dances that went on during the concerts.

Here’s what I was able to capture…hope y’all enjoy!!

Ataca y La Alemana:
Daniel y Desiree:
Chaves y Silvia:
Frank y Amneris:
Omambo Dance Project:
Sergio y Marichu:
Alejandro and Erica:
Mike and Jennifer:
Aubrey Ares:
Antonio Bliss with Daniel y Desiree:
Jr. with Ataca y La Alemana:
Jr. with Tony and Gracie Flores:
Jr. with Daniel y Desiree and Sergio y Marichu:
Jr. with Jorge and Aubrey:
Jr. with Grizzly Dance Company:
Jr. with Chaves y Silvia and Frank y Amneris:
Jr. with Edward & Jessica, Mike & Jennifer, and Carlos & Arasha:

*If you’d like to see more dance videos (including performers from NY and South America), you can find them on my Youtube channel at the following link [Mapes24]

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