Performance Videos from the NY Salsa Competition Team Fundraiser (Updated 2/10/15 with video from the 2015 World Salsa Summit Champions)

*Updated 2/10/15*

I was originally unable to post this video as the team had requested not to have their routine uploaded online due to it being their new competition piece.  Now that the 2015 World Salsa Summit competition is complete, I am proudly able to present the video of the routine that won them their world championship title.  I can’t say enough about how proud I am of this group of incredible dancers.  As a fan of the New York salsa scene, I’ve always wondered what a collaboration from the top dance schools would have looked like.  As the members were made up of previous dancers from Santo Rico, Yamulee, Descarga Latina and the Cobo Brothers, it was amazing to see the flavor of NY, and all the talent of some of the city’s finest dancers come together for a singular vision! Kudos to you all, and without further ado, here’s the video:

NY Salsa Competition Team:

Had a blast last Saturday supporting our friends who are heading out this week to compete at the World Salsa Summit in Miami.  Was great to see so many people come out and show love to this group of awesome dancers!  Though I can’t post their routine yet (it’s their competition piece), here are some vids from the other great performances from that night.  Saturday was definitely a great reminder as to why I love the NY dance scene! Great dances+amazing ppl=good times! 🙂

Framboyan Dance Company:

Bajari de Yamulee:

Veronica Castilla’s Amateur Salsa Team:

NY Touch:

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