Photoshoot with Argentinian Bachata Champions Marcelo and Julieta

I recently had the opportunity to do a photoshoot with the Argentinian bachata champions Marcelo Alcaraz and Julieta Ibañez.  One of the aspects I love about shooting elite level dancers is that they have such an acute awareness of their bodies, and generally have years of experience emoting feelings through facial expressions and subtle gestures.  Qualities which make directing your models a breeze, and collaborating on projects, an absolute pleasure!

The day of the shoot also served as a quick reminder as to why it’s so important to have a plan B for the day of the shoot. Though the original concept involved shooting the models outdoors, quick changes had to be made as the frigid New York temperature was not being quite cooperative.  Fortunately, I’d pre-scouted some alternative locations, and we were still able to come up with some cool shots.

For more info on Marcelo and Julieta, you can follow them on their fan page at: [Julieta y Marcelo]









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