Photos from the XXIVº Certamen de Tango Hugo del Carril [Tango Competition] (Buenos Aires)

Although there were a lot of events happening over Independence Day weekend in Buenos Aires, I decided to pull out the cam and head on out to the 24th edition of the Hugo de Carril Tango Competition, which was held at the Espacio Cultural Carlos Gardel.

Not only did the competition include couples dancing in the salon and fantasia styles, there were also men and women competing in a voice competition, while being accompanied by live music.

The competition is only open to amateurs, but as you can guess, the level of amateur tango dancers in Buenos Aires is extraordinarily high, and it was easy to see how this competition has become the starting point for many of they city’s most renown performers.

the stage of the espacio cultural carlos gardel in buenos aires

black and white photo of tango dancers

tango couple in competition in buenos aires

female tango dancer in red dress preparing for competition

final pose of tango couple during competition

female tango singer performs during competition

male tango singer performs during competition

certamen-de-tango-hugo-del-carril-buenos-aires-argentina-mapes24-8outside of the espacio cultural carlos gardelSuch an amazing night, filled with absolutely incredible performances. Congratulations to all the finalists who now move onto the second round of the competition!  If you’d liked to see the next round of competition in person, you can find information on the future rounds at Buenos Aires’ official city site [click here].


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