Dance Videos From Jazmin Rodriguez’s Birthday Bash at Bachata Dolls (Buenos Aires)

One of the primary reasons that I chose to stay in Buenos Aires for an extended trip was because the dance scene here was so highly recommended by a close friend in NY.

Though there are cities/countries more suited to dancing other styles of bachata, in my personal experience with dance scenes throughout the U.S., Caribbean and South America, there has not been one place in the western hemisphere that has come close to matching Argentina’s passion for Sensual Bachata.

At every event that I’ve been to here in Buenos Aires, the level of the average social dancer and the quality of teachers  has been consistently so high, that I’m constantly challenged and motivated to seek improvement within this particular style.

Here are a few videos from Jaz’s birthday party that showcases the freestyle abilities of some Porteños who were social dancing to live music by Grupo Bachata Urbana.

1. Jazmin Rodriguez and Maximiliano Villarroel 1
2. Jazmin Rodriguez and Stephanie Lucero
3. Jazmin Rodriguez and Maximiliano Villarroel 2
4. Stephanie Lucero and Caro del Giudice
5. Social Dancers 1
6. Stephanie Lucero and Ariel Olivi
7. Social Dancers 2

*If you’d like to see more latin dance videos (bachata, salsa, tango) you can just click onto the following link to my Youtube Channel [Mapes24]

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