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Foto Fridays: El Rey del Chori (Buenos Aires)

The grillmaster preparing choripan at the San Telmo Street Market in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

uruguay couple with tattoo on streets of montevideo

Foto Fridays: Streets of Montevideo (Uruguay)

The strength of the tatoo culture in South America has definitely caught me by surprise as I was really unaware as to its influence in both Uruguay and Argentina (I honestly don’t think I’ve met anyone in Buenos Aires who doesn’t have at least one tattoo).  I’ve seen some inspiring work while I’ve been down here, ...

female tango singer performing in san telmo street market from http://mapes24.com

Foto Fridays: San Telmo Street Market (Argentina)

Taking place every Sunday on calle Defensa in San Telmo (Buenos Aires), you will find an open-air market where you can find handcrafted wares, antiques, and on occasion, a beautiful tanguera perfoming live.      

5 Reasons Why Barrio Santo Domingo Savio is an Awesome Place to Take Photos in Medellin (Colombia)

Even though it’s been years since Medellin renounced its title as ‘Most Violent City in the World’,  my friends in the U.S. still seem surprised to hear that I would want to go there again for a vacation. What I love about photography is that photos allow me to relay the beauty of a place in a ...

Finding Hidden Gems While Culling Through Old Photos

If you’re anything like me, after returning home from a trip, you are immediately faced with the unenviable task of sifting through hundred of photos that you’ll be editing in prep for distribution on various social media oulets.  You think you have chosen the best photos to relay the high points of your trip, you edit, post, and ...