SULI 3rd Year Anniversary (8/3/13)

Suli 3rd Year Anniversary

I just wanted to congratulate DJ Alfredo Felix ‘the Cat’ on the completion of another successful year hosting this amazing event.  DJ Alfredo has been a strong supporter of F&F Dance Company from the start, and it really was a personal joy and honor to be able to return some of that love by performing at his event.

Great music (including live band) + packed house, and awesome lineup of performers definitely made for a most memorable night! Here’s to many more years of continued success!!!

Suli is definitely the event to hit up if you’re in the Long Island area and are looking for a salsa/bachata fix.  Click the following links for more info:

Here are some vids from the night:

New Tribe (France):

Krystal & Matthew:

Bajari de Yamulee:

Pura Vida:

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