Fit by Forty

There are two things about me that you should know.

#1: I love to eat.
#2: I loooooooooove to eat.

Now I’m sure this is not much of a surprise as most of America seems to share in the same foodie love-fest (just look at the countless blogs and YouTube channels that are dedicated to the topic of food).

Now, the conundrum I face is ‘How do I indulge in my love of food while trying to attain the level of fitness that I’ve been battling to attain for the past 20 years?’

The simple answer…I can’t.

The reality is that I can either choose to satisfy my tastebuds, eating whatever I want, whenever I want, or I can choose to make choices that take me one step closer to my fitness goals.

Well, 6 weeks ago, I decided to take concrete steps through nutrition and exercise that have helped me lose 20 pounds to-date. Now, why is it that I’m posting now? One is for accountability as I’ve put this out into the blogosphere and two, because I’d like to share the things that have worked and will be adding to my routine.

Some future blog topics that will be covered include:

-nutrition plans

I hope you’ll join me for the ride, and hopefully this’ll be as informative for you as it will be for me. 🙂

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