Performing at Island Touch’s 6th Year Anniversary Party (Las Chicas Locas, NYC)

Maybe it’s because I now have a set timeline that’s leading towards the end of my stay in New York, but I find that I’m becoming more reflective regarding all the amazing experiences I’ve had while living in the City.  In as much as I’ll eternally be grateful to those that I’ve shared the stage with over the past few years, I’m also beginning to recognize how grateful I am for those who’ve supported us in all our iterations.  In the same way that it was truly an honor to perform for our friends at the Pura Vida Anniversary Party a few weeks ago, I definitely feel blessed to have had the opportunity to get up on stage for our friends at Island Touch.   Even when we were completely wet behind the ears within the bachata scene, they showed us nothing but love, and are one of the few who have supported us since day one.


Santo Rico Bachata Team at the Island Touch Social (Feb, 2012) 


F&F Dance Company at the Island Touch Social (Oct, 2012)


F&F Dance Company at the Mambo Room (Dec, 2012)

So a most deserved congratulations to everyone at Island Touch for everything you’ve accomplished over the past 6 years. It really is amazing to see what people can accomplish when they stay true to their vision, and place no limits on the goals they hope to attain.  Kudos to y’all!


La Fuerza at Island Touch’s 6th Year Anniversary Party (Dec, 2014)


So what is the one thing that brings me more joy than anything else when performing on stage?  It’s without a doubt, when I get to share that moment with my entire dance fam.  It took a while to get the full squad up on stage together for the first time, but it was definitely worth the wait.  Couldn’t ask for a better way to close out 2014!


With Tanja, one of our beautiful hosts for the night. 🙂


Yes Jorge, you beautiful too, haha!


And a huge shout out to the man who’s also shown us a ton of love over the years, and has worked tirelessly to expand the bachata scene throughout NY, DJ Alejandro Bouza! Props to you bro!


 And this is what happens when DJ Alejandro plays some ‘Dirty Dancing’ at the end of the night (yes, everyone secretly wants to be Baby), haha!  Good times!

La Fuerza performing ‘Soledad’ (audience view)

(stage view: which has a better angle of me shaking my rump,haha)

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