How to Verify your (not .org) Site with Google Webmaster Tools

If you’re reading this article, it’s most likely because you’re having a hard time finding the specific info you need for your site (I found that most of the tutorials out there on this topic seem to be tailored to  So why would you need to verify your site with the big G? Personally, I needed to verify my site as I found out that I could embed a direct external blog link into my Youtube videos, but needed to prove that I was the site owner. Now, most tutorials agree that the best way to verify is through use of a meta tag:

-First, you sign into the Google Webmaster tools site, using your Google account
-Then place the name of the site you’d like to add, and hit the ‘add new site’ button
-On the next screen, click on the ‘Alternate methods’ tab, and if you then click on ‘HTML tag’, a meta tag will be provided for you to copy and paste on your website (leave this tab open on your browser until all following steps are complete)

The next step is where the problem occurs, and where most tutorials refer to sites. You are now supposed to place the meta tag into the header of your site, but unfortunately, doesn’t allow the user to modify the html on the theme you’re using. So what are we supposed to do? The answer is actually quite simple:

-Go to the Tools option on your dashboard
-Then click on Available Tools 
-Now paste the meta tag that was provided from Google into the empty box next to ‘Google Webmaster Tools’ and click on ‘Save Changes’
-Now go back to Google Webmaster Tools (the tab I earlier asked you to keep open) and click ‘Verify’

Aaaand Voila!! You are now the verified owner of your website, and are free to add external links to your Youtube vids!  Hope this helped, and if there are any associated questions, just let me know in the comments section below! 🙂


  1. Thanks for the help! I was really stuck on this for some reason! (Google doesn’t always make things easy when you’re trying to link on thing to another…)

    Thanks again!

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    1. My pleasure, glad to have been of assistance!



  2. Oh wow, that was so easy. Thank you!



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