Performance Videos (salsa & bachata) from Nueva Ola’s First Brooklyn Bash Social (NYC)

Anyone who’s known me for a while knows that I’m not particularly fond of heading out to Brooklyn. Don’t get me wrong, it has nothing to do with the borough itself, or with the masses of hipsters roaming its streets. The simple fact is that even though both are a part of NYC, traveling from the Bronx to Brooklyn at night takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Coming back home at 3 or 4 or in the morning will generally take upwards of 2.5 to 3 hrs on the local train, which means my head usually won’t get to plunge into my pillow until about 7 in the morning.  So if you ever spot me down there, you know that either: 1) I’m going to see some really good friends or 2) There’s a special event going on that night. Well, Nueva Ola’s Brooklyn Bash social pretty much had those two areas covered.

Congratulations to Island Touch’s Nueva Ola on hosting their first Brooklyn salsa/bachata social! There were plenty of great dances that night and it gave me the opportunity to show support to some of my favorite people & performers in the NY dance scene.  Here are the performance videos from the event:

1) Salsa Touch NY

2) Matthew Rivera & Krystal Nieves

3) Ramon Brito & Divna Gogeva

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