Fit by Forty: 2 Simple Things I Changed in My Diet That Helped Me Lose 8 Lbs in 2 wks

Plateau… ughhh, such an ugly word.

Unfortunately it’s a word that I must occasionally use with my patients at the hospital when they stop making gains, and it’s definitely how I’d describe my weight loss up until about 2 weeks ago. Though I live a pretty active lifestyle with 3-4 days per week in the gym (each session includes weightlifting, various cardio and H.I.I.T.  workouts), not to mention about 8hrs of dance rehearsals per week, you’d think that the pounds would be constantly melting off.  Unfortunately my metabolism has been as efficient as a tractor sludging through mud over the past few months.

I know that our bodies are amazing at adapting to the work load we place on ourselves in the gym, which is why I’m consistently modifying my workouts.

What I forget is that I also need to occasionally apply a similar level of variance to my diet as well when I want to give my metabolism a swift kick to the ass and get it burning! 

I’d most recently been on a pretty balanced diet, but I noticed that I had hit the proverbial wall pretty hard and was not seeing any changes in my weight or my measurements. One thing I’ve learned over the past few years is that going on extreme diets can give you results in the short term, but are not really practical for me and are difficult for me to maintain if I’m dreading the food that I have to eat, so it’s a constant process of finding out what elements of different diets will work for me.

Well, here are 2 simple changes I implemented about 2 weeks ago, that have helped me get back on track:

  1. I replaced any rice on my plate with a variety of beans.
  2. I replaced bread or tortillas with lettuce.


tacos made with lettuce instead of taco shells

Tacos wrapped with lettuce instead of tortillas…I also find that greek yogurt makes an excellent, protein-rich replacement for sour cream

This may sound a bit like a version of the Atkins or Keto diet, and I guess it is to a certain degree (low carb diet), but even though I haven’t been as strict as those diets, I’ve fortunately still been seeing very positive results. What’s definitely helped is that sandwiches, wraps and chipotle-style bowls still taste reeeeeally good, even without the carb element, and I honest haven’t missed them as much as I thought I would. I also give myself 1 cheat day per week, but don’t go insane with the carbs.

I definitely don’t plan to stay on this diet forever, as I can’t imagine permanently cutting rice out of my diet…I am Korean after all! 🙂  But like I said earlier, I just want to use this as a little jolt to my system, and help me get back on track.

If anyone has any other methods that they’ve used successfully to jump-start their fat loss when they’ve hit a plateau, I’d love to hear what’s worked for you!



  1. Plateaus are the WORST! I’m at one right now… but it’s my fault, and I know how to change it. Step one is swapping out some carbs, just like you mentioned 🙂

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    1. Glad that you have a plan to get out of your plateau! What I find to be most infuriating is when you try all your previous methods, to no avail. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of understanding how much our bodies change as we age, and how we need to appropriately modify our previous methodologies.

      BTW, just wanted to mention that you have a great site! Lots of very informative posts regarding fitness and weight loss! 🙂

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