Performances and Social Dance Videos from Stephanie Lucero Fest (Buenos Aires)

What an awesome night, celebrating the birthday of my profe, and watching some friends perform live! Congratulations to Stephanie on hosting such a successful event!! 🙂

Stephanie Lucero:
Mayra Ramirez:
Julieta Ibanez:
Matin Cardozo and Daniela Rodas:

To see more bachata and salsa videos, just click the following link to my Youtube channel: (LINK)

  1. Wow!! This is amazing! I’ve recently just started Salsa in Melbourne after wanted to do it for so long. Really inspiring to watch these people dance so well. Thanks for sharing! Keen to see more xx

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    1. Hey Kate, glad you enjoyed! Buenos Aires has an incredible dance culture that is not only restricted to tango. Hope you’ve been enjoying your salsa classes!

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  2. Definitely! Love your posts, and I’m so excited to start posting about my salsa journey 🙂

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