Workshop and Dance Performance Videos from the Kizombachata Weekender (Buenos Aires)

As many of my readers can probably tell, I’ve been spending quite a lot of time on the dance floor here in Buenos Aires.  As most of my days and nights have been filled with either bachata or tango, I thought I’d change it up by adding a little kizomba last weekend.  Luckily, Sara Lopez (based out of Spain) happened to be in town to hold a fun workshop.

Maxi and Nahir Bachata Workshop:
Sara Lopez Kizomba Workshop:

Maxi and Nahir’s Bachata Performance:  I must say that between their workshop and performance, these two amazing dancers really impressed me this weekend. Totally a huge fan of their creativity, musical interpretation, and skill.  Definitely a new fan!

If you’d like to see more internation dance performances or workshop videos, just hit the following link to my Youtube Channel: [mapes24]

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