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a steel flower sculpture aka Floralis Genérica found in buenos aires argentina

Foto Fridays: Floralis Genérica (Buenos Aires)

Located in the Plaza de las Naciones Unidas, the Floralis Genérica is a steel and aluminum sculpture that stands at 23 meters (75 feet) tall, and was designed by architect Eduardo Catalano to look like a flower with its six distinct ‘petals’. What make the steel flower unique is that it’s an automated sculpture controlled by ...

Foto Fridays: Escaleras Eléctricas en la Comuna 13 (Medellin)

Located in what was once one of Medellin’s most dangerous neighborhoods, you’ll find this symbol of the city’s dedication to urban development. To read an interesting article that goes into the impact the escalators have had on the citizens of Comuna 13, click on the following link: [Escaleras Eléctricas]

Dance Performance Videos from Sinergia Fest (Buenos Aires)

Went out to support a friend, whose team is starting to raise funds in order to represent Argentina at the World Latin Dance Cup this year. Held in a beautiful dance hall north of Buenos Aires, the night was full of great shows and social dances.  Congratulations to everyone at Sinergia on hosting such an ...

Foto Fridays: Recoleta Cemetery (Buenos Aires)

One of the many ornate tombstones found in Buenos Aires’ most famous cemetery.  It immediately becomes obvious why Recoleta is internationally regarded as having one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world.  Definitely a must-see for any traveler in Buenos Aires. 

healthy food at naturalia

My Favorite Healthy Dining Option in Medellin (Colombia)

In Medellin, it can be a bit difficult to find healthier dining alternatives as you’re generally surrounded by arepas, empanadas, and other deep-fried goodies. So it came as a refreshing surprise when the roommates and I found our way to Naturalia Cafe/Restaurant. Located in the heart of Laureles, a few steps from Calle 70 (Circular ...

Soooo…Does 4K Video Live Up to the Hype? A Quick Look at Some Salsa and Bachata Performances Shot in 4K with the Panasonic G7

In preparation for my sabbatical to South America, I’ve been thinking a lot about what type of creative projects I’d like to work on during the 6 months that I’ll be down there, and decided that one of my primary focuses would be adding original video content on my Youtube Channel. Anyone who’s had their ears on the floor regarding ...

The Anatomy Behind Why It Wasn’t Glenn (The Walking Dead)

Just in case you happen to be that one fan of The Walking Dead who hasn’t seen or heard anything about the latest episode, here’s the obligatory warning **SPOILER ALERT**… Gene Page/AMC …ok, so as most of you know, in the latest episode of The Walking Dead, fan favorite Glenn Rhee appeared to get mauled to death after being ...