How to: Connecting Passbook on iOS 6 to the App Store

Finally downloaded iOS 6 for my iPhone as I’d been waiting for google maps to be released as an app (definitely one of the most useful apps for anyone living in New York). Everything seemed to work fine except for the passbook app, which would immediately shut off after stating that it was unable to connect to the App Store. Here’s the walkaround that I used to finally get it working:

1) Goto Settings ->General -> Date & Time
2) Turn off ‘Set Automatically’
3) Change both the month and the year (I forwarded it to one month ahead in 2015)
4) Start the Passbook app, which should now be connecting to the App Store
5) Revert the Date & Time setting to ‘Set Automatically’

Hopefully this will work for y’all as well!

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