Show Review: Ulalena (Maui, Hawai’i)


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While planning out our evening activities, I happened to fall upon an advert for Ulalena in one of the many brochures at our hotel. I’m usually not the type to scour through advertisements in magazines as I prefer finding my info online, but in retrospect, I’m incredibly happy that I did as Ulalena was definitely one of the many highlights of our trip to Maui. Ulalena is a stage production that provides an interpretive re-telling of the rich folklore and history of the Hawaiian islands.

When you are on the islands, the pride and respect the local Hawaiians have for their cultural heritage is immediately palpable.  Now imagine placing that reverance of their history into the hands of a group of incrediby talented creatives, and you begin to understand one of reasons why the show has such a resonating impact. Hawaii has such an incredibly rich and fascinating culture, and after watching Ulalena, I was definitely hungry to learn more about the history of the islands.


Ulalena most deservedly earns the Mapes24 5 Star Award for Excellence and is highly recommended to everyone visiting the beautiful island of Maui!!! Kudos to everyone involved in this amazing production!

Mapes24 5star

Overall Review: 5/5

*Btw, Ulalena has an awesome soundtrack (Laka: The Forest Dweller is definitely my fav)!


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