Mapes24 Spotlight: Performance Costumes (Updated 7/7/15)

This will be an ongoing photo series that focuses on one pivotal aspect of a performance that can help elevate a creative vision into the realization of something truly memorable. From first hand experience, the costumes can be one of the biggest headaches to a performer as they require significant investments of time, creativity and finance. The fitttings, hand stoning, coordinating between sexes, rips/tears, and the money that goes into each individual outfit can be mind numbing, but has the potential for an incredible payoff as it really is the final step that wraps up and accents all the hard work and the myriad of components that went into taking a routine from an idea to artistic actualization on the stage. This post (which I will continue to update) is simply my thank you to all you artists/creatives who have taken that extra step to provide your audiences with the best show possible! Kudos!

*btw, this compilation will be in no specific order, and though there are many groups whose work I admire, will only consist of photos that I own

La Fuerza Dance Company
La Fuerza Dance Company

fausto and maria of la fuerza perform bachata at utopiala fuerza perform bachata at utopia in nycAntony Santos, Luis Vargas & La Fuerza at MSG


Fausto and Isabel

Fausto & Isabel

Selene Tovar

selene tovar performs salsa at utopia

selene tovar salsa solo performance at utopia

Baila Conmigo

baila conmigo perform cali style salsa at utopia

baila conmigo perform cali style salsa at utopia

Alex Morel & Desiree Godsell

alex and desiree perform bachata at utiopia

alex and desiree perform bachata at utopia


framboyan dance salsa at utopia in nyc

framboyan dance salsa in nyc at utopia

Marcelo y Julieta

Marcelo y JulietaMarcelo y JulietaMarcelo y Julieta

 Zafire Dance Project

IMG_0407IMG_0403Foreplay by F&F Dance Company: 10/4/13

Santo Rico


D’Cor Dance Company
D'Cor Dance Company

d'cor dance company perform at utopia

Pura Vida Dance Company

pura vida perform bachata at utopia


F&F Competitive Salsa Team

F&F Competitive Salsa Team

Formula F&F

formula f bachata dance performance at utopiaFormula F&F

Charlie Garcia & Teresa Garcia
salsa dancers in costume

Dancers at Las Tinajas (Panama City, Panama)
TinajasTembleques Panameños

Salseros at Bolivar Square (Bogota, Colombia)

Hula Dancers from the Old Lahaina Luau
Old Lahaina LuauOld Lahaina Luau

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